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Ron Reid Founder of APA The impact of Prostate Cancer is felt not only by the sufferer, the impact of a diagnosis, treatment and after care is felt by family and friends who are at times at a loss to know how to respond.Prostate Cancer suffers have to deal with this Silent Killer and its emotional impact on others.

The Association for Prostate Awareness (APA) is a voluntary Association aimed primarily at bringing the dangers of the silent Killer into focus, for men in the community and to support cancer sufferers, their families and carers. APA is based in east London, a natural geographical home, with its high percentage of ethnic minorities as African Caribbean men have the highest rate as Prostate Cancer.

Our voluntary Association held a special dedication service on the 25th of March 2006 which was attended by local and national dignitaries including Lyn Brown MP for Newham and representation from the Barbados High Commission UK. The Association through the Honorary Officer and others has established links in Barbados and is looking to extend its work through returning residents associations.

Membership is through application and is open to people living and working or representatives of organisations operating within the area of the London Borough of Newham and its environs.


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