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APA's Nigel Holligan The Association for Prostate Awareness has agreed  5 organisational objectives as a guide to the growth and sustainability of the Association and which are also expected to meet the needs of members. These are to:
Promote the preservation and safeguarding of people with Prostate illnesses and provide services that relieve and support the effects of Prostate illnesses.

Advance education for the public benefit by promoting educational and cultural awareness of issues facing people with prostate illness.

Provide facilities for recreation which aim to improve life for people with prostate illness paying due regard to the needs of health, race, ethnicity, spirituality and or religious beliefs, age, social and economic circumstances.

Undertake or sponsor  and support research in Prostate related illnesses, both in complimentary and alternative treatment, promulgating the results, including writing and publishing material relevant to the objectives of the Association.

Work with and co-ordinate other agencies or bodies having similar aims, to encourage the provision and development of appropriate support services for people with prostate illness post operation and beyond.



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