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Bob A medical Journey

The first time I was aware of a problem was when my urinary flow become slow and I started having a feeling of urgency, like five minutes after having been to the loo I would want to go again.

RonThis was about 10 years ago and was the first time I went to the doctor with my problem. I wrote down what I wanted to ask him before I went, this included asking for the prostate test. My doctor did not agree that this was needed.

Three years later when I experienced an episode of waking up and not being able to wee I went back and insisted that I needed to have the prostate test done. My GP did not agree that the test was needed so I went to the hospital.

At the hospital I had various tests and was put on tablets. I was on tablets for quite a long time.  After about 3 years I felt something else was needed as my quality of life had not improved. I went back to the hospital and this time I had a biopsy which showed that I needed further treatment.

The doctor and the nurses gave me all the information I needed to decide on my course of treatment and which was felt to be the best for me.  I was given a choice of having surgery or radio therapy and choose to have the surgery which I had in early 2007. 
I suffered in silence for the first three years when my prostate condition started as my GP was not sympathetic to my worries about what was happening.

At the time I got information from friends who had experienced the same problems and whose condition was more advanced than mine so they had a good idea of what they were talking about.

Since my surgery my quality of life is 100% better, my follow up care has been good. 

I expect that GP's are listening more to their patients than 10 years ago so I would recommend that if you are experiencing problems go to your GP with a good description of the problems you are experiencing and ask for the prostate tests.

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