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Difficulty in passing water, constantly wanting to do this, particularly at night time. This had been going on for quite a few years.


I saw a doctor in 2005 and after a blood test, he noted my PSA result was very high and so I was booked in for a biopsy which proved positive. Prostate cancer was diagnosed in May and the rating give to me was medium risk, (between 5-7).

Options given:

  1. wait and see
  2. radiotherapy
  3. Robotic surgery which is the option I took.

The consultant told me afterwards that I made the right choice.

The cancerous prostate was removed and my PSA is regularly checked and is keeping at a minimal level (0.5 at the last check).

The main problem I have with this is that I am incontinent in the urine area and Advance Tape Surgery has failed to solve the problem.
I regularly complete my pelvic floor exercises, I have also been prescribed medication but without success.
It is now likely that a replacement sphincter may well be the answer and I will go for this if all else fails.


I am very grateful for all that has been done for me but obviously I would rather be 'dry' - which man would not.

Incontinence can result from this type of surgery but normally as you get stronger and with regular pelvic floor exercises the situation improves and gradually clears up.


If you have any concerns see your GP straight away. Don't leave it too late!!!


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